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Are you tired of feeling like a passenger on your own fertility journey?

Let me guide you through the uncertainty and help find
your unique path.

Find out what YOU can do to support
your fertility journey!

If you are actively trying to conceive or just starting to think about it,

you may be confused about what comes next... 

It's OK! You are not alone. 

You are unique and I believe that fertility should be approached the same way. It's time to understand how your body works. Listen, I get it, hormones are confusing! They can change month to month depending on your stress level, your sleep patterns, and what you put in your body. Add blood work or fertility treatments on top of that, and it's easy to feel like you are just along for the ride. 

I want to help empower you through your fertility journey and beyond.


Ready to get started?


Information overload?

The internet is great, but there is SO much information... and misinformation.

That is where I come in! Don't waste your time trying things that won't improve your fertility odds. Sit down with me in a comfortable space and have an honest discussion about what comes next in your fertility journey.


I create personalized plans that focus on the changes that will make a difference for you


I'm Dr. Tasha, ND.

Nice to meet you!

I am a licensed naturopathic doctor and I want to make the world of fertility a little less scary! 

When I first began practising, I was surprised at how little my patients knew about their own bodies and how confused they were about hormones! 

After a few years of general practice, I started to see the gap in our current healthcare system - fertility. 

I was tired of the watch-and-wait approach to fertility. Most of my patients were being told to "try" for one year and then bloodwork or referrals could be discussed. No one was taking the time to discuss the impact of nutrition, stress, sleep and so many other factors that could be addressed during pre-conception to improve fertility odds.


There are SO many things that can be done to positively affect your fertility.

Let me guide you along your journey!

Let's get started.

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